What Tinkering Lab contains?

Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors
Rapid Prototyping Tools
Mechanical, Electrical and Measurement tools
Power Supply & Accessories and Safety Equipment


  • Electronics Development
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things
  • Sensors


  • Rapid Prototyping Tools


  • Mechanical, Electrical
  • Measurement tools


  • Power Supply & Accessories
  • Safety Equipment

Why Tech Makerz for your Tinkering Lab Needs?

  • Design and set-up a tinkering facility with state of the art electronics and machinery.
  • Provide an experiential learning syllabus based on topics from regular academics.
  • A team of experienced engineers to train students in ideation, design thinking, computational thinking and physical thinking.
  • Introduce students to advanced technologies like humanoid robots, drones, machine learning artificial intelligence etc.
  • Served 50+ schools impacting more than 25,000 students
  • Highly capable STEM team for support
  • Teaching guide & Activities
  • Teacher Training & Professional Development

Offerings & Support (Symbols)

  • Hardware Procurement & Installation
  • Comprehensive Curriculum and Lesson Plans
  • Installation and Support
  • Training in the first year
  • From second year onwards follow up training and support per AMC.
  • Special training support for STEM competitions
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