The IoT is leading a digital revolution for industries. Learn to design IoT solutions and guide cutting-edge IoT projects in your field. Internet of Things (IOT) is the most discussed topic in the world of technology. IOT is changing the way of the world is working. It is all about how things are interconnected thereby providing intelligence to whole system. This workshop gives students the knowledge needed to get started and design a IOT systems through hands-on training.

The program will show you the scope of the IoT, and reveal underlying principles and architecture of its networks, devices, programming, data, and security. You will learn how an idea can become a viable, workable IoT product and be able to generate your own IoT ideas and design and/or support their development.



Design your own IoT gadgets.
Generate IoT concepts and design IoT solutions within your area of expertise.
Map out the process for an IoT solution, and identify the sensors and other devices required.
Evaluate different infrastructure components and network systems, and design the basic network for your IoT ideas.
Produce a viable IoT concept design that solves a problem, is ready to prototype and test, and has an identified route to market.

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