Arduino Education is a dedicated team formed by education experts, content developers, engineers and interaction designers from all around the world. We are focused on developing the next generation of STEAM programs and supporting the needs of educators and students throughout the educational journey.

Arduino is an open-source hardware, software and content platform with a global community. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects.


Arduino technology is used to:


At universities it is widely adopted in the fields of engineering, Internet of Things, Robotics, Art, and Design, to name just a few.


Many secondary schools use it with innovative techniques for cross-curriculum studies.


Primary schools use toys powered by Arduino technology to introduce physical learning, Logic,Building skills, and Problem Solving. Arduino’s Immersive Educational Environment promotes the creative process through project-based learning, with a focus on student interaction and group collaboration.

Arduino Education offers solutions for the classroom, kits, bundles and boards with learning paths for individual and collaborative educational approaches. Learners explore Arduino in a hands-on, constructive way as they work through the kits and explore the creative capabilities of each board. Whether you’re a teacher new to electronics and wanting to introduce physical computing and computational thinking to your lesson plan, a university professor skilled in electronics, or a postgraduate researcher, we have an Arduino kit or board perfect for you.


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