Internship Program

Tech Makerz STEM Engineer Internship Program

Internship Description: Company is looking for an intern with basic experience and knowledge in Engineering branches (electrical engg / electronics engg / Csc / Instrumentation engg / Mech engg).This knowledge is essential for an applicant experience gained in the classroom and through personal application will be accepted.

  1. Applicant should have excellent analytical and creativity skill with ability to work in team.
  2. We are looking for major 2015/2016/2017 B.E graduates on the mentioned stream.
  3. 2018  final year  graduates also preferred.
  4. Excellent verbal and communication skills.
  5. Familarities with basic engineering principle.
  6. Passion to work with students and teaching field.
  7. If your performance is good during the internship program we will offer you job during the program.

  1. During the internship program you will gain Hands on experince in STEM & Robotics field.
  2. You will get experince in Labview programming.
  3. End of the program you will get strong knowledge in 21st century skills which will be help full more for your career challenges.

Looking forward interested candidates. You may apply with your resume through below Mail I'd or Link given below Mail

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