STEM/Tinkering Lab Trainer

STEM/Tinkering Lab Trainer

Location: Tamil Nadu
Education: BE/B.Tech
Experience : 1 Year experience / Fresher


  1. Good background of electronics, robotics or STEM subjects
  2. Understanding our curriculum, our pedagogues and our support models
  3. Delivering the STEM curriculum through hands-on way of teaching to students via Robotics platform
  4. Excellent written & verbal communication skills.

Technical skills:

  1. Microcontroller boards: Arduino UNO, Nano, Mega, Raspberry pi
  2. IoT sensors
  3. Courses completion in areas of IoT, Microcontroller boards is an added advantage.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Candidate will be incharge of implementation of Tinkering / STEM lab at schools across Tamil Nadu. To provide teacher training at school campus for 2 to 3 days.
  2. Manage stakeholder expectations by to providing refresher training once in 4 months and support schools for successful implementation.
  3. Conducting STEM and Robotics sessions through Experiments and Hands-on activities in Schools
  4. Handle Training at Tech Makerz Centre for Innovation(TMCFI)/School.
  5. Design & Development of innovative Experiments, Activities & Modules in the field of STEM, robotics.
  6. Maintains an inventory of materials to support the collection and organization of supplies necessary for teaching in school.
  7. Create an environment that treats people with respect and enables them to develop and realize their potential.
  8. Guiding students on projects
  9. Supporting logistics activities


  1. Resume based shortlisting. Mailing address -
  2. Telephonic interview
  3. Personal interview

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